Marine Construction Bolts

icon-285This site will provide an overview of bolts, rods, and other miscellaneous hardware commonly used in marine construction. Because marine construction is performed on or near the water, bolts are almost always required to have some sort of corrosion protection. In most cases, that means hot-dip galvanizing or stainless steel. This site will also take a look at special considerations involved in each of these processes.


Bolts and Rods

Hex Lag Screw

Common marine construction fasteners include hex bolts, timber bolts, float rods, hex lag screws, and u-bolts.

Washers & Plates

Malleable Iron Washer

Common accessories to marine fasteners are roundor square plate washers,malleable iron washers, and ogee washers.


Hot-dip Galvanizing

Marine fasteners almost always require a corrosion-resistant finish like hot-dip galvanizing.