Are galvanized bolts threaded differently than bolts with no coating?

No. The threading process for bolts that are hot-dip galvanized is no different from the process for bolts with no coating.


Watch our video, The Making of a Timber Bolt and see exactly how threading and galvanizing interact

There is a common misconception that threads for galvanized bolts and rods must be cut undersized  to accommodate the added thickness that hot-dip galvanizing adds. The added thickness from the galvanizing is actually addressed in the galvanized nut, or other female thread, which is tapped oversize to properly fit on a galvanized bolt.

Additionally, threads should not be “chased” after galvanizing. Chasing threads is a term used to describe re-cutting threads on a galvanized bolt after galvanzing to remove the excess zinc from the threads. This procedure will not only remove the excess zinc, but also nearly all of the zinc, and subsequently the corrosion protection from the threads.

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